Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nell's Flower Shop Star Quilt

Here are a couple of pictures of what I have been working on recently. I had a hard time finding a star pattern to use with my Nell's Flower Shop fabrics, so I gave up looking for one and drew what I wanted instead. I measured out exactly what I wanted and then penciled in a quarter inch seam allowance to get the actual measurements. This was the first time I tried this, so it was a good experience. I finished all the cutting last night and pieced my first block this morning, one down 34 to go. This one is going to be the center block of the quilt, all the other blocks will have a cream background with a black center. I am thinking that I might set these on a point and put sashing around the blocks, but I will see once I get the blocks finished before I decide for sure...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jane Austen Style Quilt

Lately I have been working on putting my civil war fabrics together into a quilt in the style of Jane Austen. I love diamond shapes and when I saw templates to make this quilt at the show in Melbourne, I had to have them! This has been my first time using templates to cut fabric and I find it so much easier and faster. I am putting this project on hold now as I am waiting for some more civil war prints to come in the mail.

On the other hand, I recieved this fine bunch of fabrics in the mail last week. Anyone recognize these? They are Nell's Flower Shop by Moda, which I couldn't resist going for a low price on ebay. I plan to make these in some sort of star design quilt. I still haven't determined the exact design yet...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Flying Geese with Border

So, this is how I finished my Japanese Flying Geese quilt. I was quite unsure as to what to do about the border since if I used a dark blue as the border it would run into the quilt on one side and the same thing would happen if I chose the turquoise blue color. So, I decided I needed something all together different and went for the bit of peach color that is in some of the fabrics. It's one of those choices that the more you look at it the more you like it, but at first you are unsure about. I think once I get the binding on it, which will be dark blue, it will frame it in and hopefully give it the right finish.

As you can see in the second picture, our pumpkin patch is progressing! I only hope that these cooler nights don't bring on a frost and kill the whole lot before they mature! Hmmm... Never do know, we live in a frosty area...

Friday, March 9, 2007


Yesterday my mother-in-law Myra and I were busy in the kitchen pickling the cucumbers that are coming in full force in the garden at the moment. I thought it would be fun to try to get a lot of cucumbers going this summer and they took over like crazy. In a space of 3 days we've picked over 40! Anyway, now that she's showed me how to do dill as well as bread and butter pickles, I can do some more this weekend.

A special hello to Lynn, Amy and is that Laura I see visiting as well? Hope you gals are doing great!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Little Bricks Quilt Finished

Little Bricks quilt is now ready for when I get my longarm. Dh says, "it's not one of his favorite's," but I don't mind it. I quite like the border on it and with the anchor fabric it reminds me of a quilt that belongs by a lake in a cottage or something like that... Hmmm... I would love to quilt it with sailboats over the entire quilt in an edge to edge pattern. I hope it will wash ok considering it's not all cotton. One must try things to Really learn.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spider Found!

Ummm... I think this spider might have had it in for me. I realized this as I got out of the shower this morning to put on my bathrobe! Well, actually, it was friendly of him to stand still as dh took him(and the bathrobe) outside---hopefully forever.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Little Bricks Quilt

Here is a quilt that I am working on lately that was inspired by Kaffe Fassett's, "Little Bricks Quilt"(second picture) in his first book called Patchwork. My version of the quilt is the first picture, which I started after being inspired by fabrics from my quilting group that meets every week. The ladies in my quilting group are traditional quilters who use up old scraps from clothing and do all their own hand quilting. As we were sorting through donated fabrics, the shirting fabrics reminded me of this Kaffe Fassett quilt. Of course everyone was happy for me to work on reducing the community "stash", so I was given quite a bit to work with. Normally I like only 100% cotton fabrics, but I thought I might try something different to see what the experience would be like. If all goes well, I think this might make a nice boy quilt. We'll see...

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I had a busy week this past week which included a trip to Melbourne to visit the Quilt Fair. I went with my friend Alison and had a FULL day at the show. The doors opened at 9 and before I knew it they were ready to kick us out again. It was very inspiring to see all the quilts at the show and to learn the latest techniques and tools that are out there. I ended up getting a few civil war prints that you can see in the first picture hanging up to dry. I also bought a diamond template with the sashings to make a Jane Austen type quilt out of the prints that I bought.

The second picture is what I saw when I woke up this morning. This spider decided to hang out in our bedroom. Yes, to the average Australian this is probably NOT a big deal, but I am less than thrilled. It's not an easy to get used to gigantic spiders hanging around the house. Welcome to Australia???

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