Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Katie Jump Rope Does Fanciful Flowers

This is not the best photo in the world, but you get the general idea anyway. It's so hard to take photos of my quilts due to lack of a large enough space with good lighting. I decided to take some time out from baby sewing to do a bit of quilting again. Aaaah, it's nice to be working with some color. I got the pattern and fabric for this quilt at Material Obsession when we took our trip up to Sydney a little while back. The pattern is called Fanciful Flowers and it is one that is in their new book--although I only had a paper copy. The fabric line I used is called Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt with a little of her Flea Market Fancy line in there as well. I did add the final border to it because I really liked the blue flower fabric.

I finally sent off a couple of tops to the long armer as I don't quite know when I will be delving into buying a machine and starting my own long arming business at this point. The week I decided I was definitely going to go ahead with it was the same week I found out I was pregnant! So, I decided that maybe I would "wait and see" instead. It will be a real treat though to get a few quilts back and finish them off so they can start being used!

Talking about the baby, I can't remember now if I mentioned before that the baby was sitting Frank Breech when I had an ultrasound done at 32 weeks. Everytime since that time when I went to the doctor or midwife they couldn't tell me for sure if it had turned or not either. I tried everything I could to get it to turn--being upside down, playing music, light, acupuncture-moxabustion, chiropractor using the Webster technique and whatever else anyone told me might work. In the end I suspect that it may have been the chiropractor on the second visit that might have caused the baby to turn. The reason I think so is that after the second visit I felt very different to what I had been feeling previously although I couldn't say what in the world felt different. Maybe that it was easier to walk and move around suddenly. Still, I just got the official word from the ultrasound yesterday that the head is down and so I can sigh a breath of relief! The doctor was going to recommend sending me up to Canberra this week to do a manual version if it hadn't turned which we really didn't want to have to do. And I Really don't want to deliver by Cesarian either if I can help it either!

I am really getting excited now, I can't believe in a few short weeks we will have our baby! Life will never be the same again. It's all a bit scary really, but hopefully it will all be worth it. If not, too late now!


Unknown said...

Well exciting days ahead for sure! I remember that each week before I had a baby I would start to get so much energy that the house would be spic and span and I was jumping with this new found energy. Well not exactly jumping, but you know what I mean.
I love this quilt. I cliked on to enlarge it. great great job you did with the colours
I love your "farm" and your photos give you a peaceful yet exciting existance.

jacquie said...

beautiful quilt! you are going to have a wonderful, exciting new year.

Quiltplay said...

Beautiful! I love KJR - It is one of my favorites. Best wishes with your pregnancy - not much longer now!

Four Smiles said...

Hi there thought I'd pop in and say hi, sounds like all things are on the move for you now how exciting!! I am glad that the bub has moved for you and that all seems to be going well. Our little girl is now 3 months old and a real cutie. All the best for the delivery!! Love your quilt! Cheers Erica

Jessica said...

your quilt is lovely~
i just wanted to comment and wish you the best of luck for the end of your pregnancy. enjoy everything.. the baby will be here soon~

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt... my kinda colours and style!! Keep up the great work and good luck with your new baby!! Lx

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