Sunday, January 22, 2012

Free Form Blocks

Sorry about the whinge in the last post, I feel better now.  Thank you for all who left nice encouraging comments.  Sometimes I need to let myself feel down and express these feelings so that I can get up the energy up to do something about it!!  Haha, so I got on the phone and rang some friends up.  I crashed a party of my old book club friends, who welcomed me heartily and oh how good it felt to have some lengthy conversations about philosophy, books, art, life, etc.  These are the things that fuel us and make life sparkle again.  I also spent some time with my local quilting ladies, who are always encouraging.

As far as farm life goes we shear lambs next week, but after that things will slow down.  I don't mean to leave the impression that life of the farm is not good, it is and I wouldn't chose to be anywhere else.  It's that it is different than the life I grew up with and it does take adjusting to get used to.  Attitudes are different here and it takes a while to figure it all out--why things are the way they are and how to get along with it all.  Quilting has been a wonderful thing for me to do here.  It gives me the opportunity to focus on something other than the daily life. I find that because of my interest in quilting I seem to get along with the rural life much better than some other farmer's wives who are imported from urban environments (there are a lot of us as many country Australian females flee to the cities instead of marrying the local farmers;0 ).

Anyway, my tooth had dry socket, which I can tell you is less painful than trigeminal neuralgia or childbirth but still painful nonetheless.  I drove back to the dentist on Friday to get it dressed and now am about 20% better.  Thank goodness for Ibuprofin and clove oil as well. 

I haven't gotten too much sewing done this week other than long arm quilting for customers.  I did finish quilting one of my own though and am working on sewing the binding on that one today!  I also did my two blocks for the Orange and Aqua Bee.  I love that we were able to do free form piecing on these.  Once I get started doing free form I realize how much I enjoy it.  One day soon I will make a quilt for myself all free form.  I've got an idea in my mind to use my Japanese fabrics for this idea, but I'm not exactly sure how I will execute it.  Need to think on that one...


Lurline said...

It's nice you are feeling a little better - I know exactly how you feel, it's life's hills and valleys - chin up, Sweet!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Silly Goose said...

Oh I had dry socket when I had a tooth out just before christmas. I would have rather given birth than go through that again.

We Aussies are a complicated bunch. All a blend of stiff upper lip left over from the english, and a she'll be right mate attitude that we've developed over time. Makes it difficult to work us out, I imagine.

Country fellas are worse again. They don't talk much, they work hard, you rarely see them - I'm Australian through and through and I can see how difficult it must be for a city girl, much less an American city girl!

Best of luck,


Katy Cameron said...

Love the blocks, and glad the dentist was able to sort things out a bit, cloves are a definite help for toothache!

As for farmers wives, I think that happens quite a lot here too, I mean the Highlands are beautiful, but, for example, there's a road that's been closed with a landslide (that keeps reocurring when it rains, which it does, frequently) so the locals now have a 147 mile trip to get to the next village where the school is o.O And it snows a lot, and it's cold, and 'the shops' are not exactly plentiful, can't think why girls want away from that ;o)

Glad you were able to hook up with a bunch of friends too :o)

Di said...

Good to hear that life isn't so overwhelming at the moment. It is nice to catch up with friends and enjoy their company. that is probabily the best tonic you can have. Take care. Di xo

Karen (nybird) (KMello) said...

Glad your feeling better....other than tooth! I love these blocks....seeing them has given me an idea for using all the scrumptious scrap strips you sent me!

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