Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parisville Quilted!

I have actually been doing a lot of free motion quilting this last week and a half.  I managed to finish two queen sized quilts that I've had as tops for several years( I will post more photos of those when it is not so wet outside!)  and I also finished quilting my Tula Pink Parisville quilt that I started a few months ago.  I still need to attach and sew down a binding for this quilt, but it is nice to have something actually made out of the Parisville fabrics.  I plan to do another Parisville quilt in the future with some Kona solids in some pastel colors, but I have yet to decide what design I will do.

My dad, they boys and I went for a drive to the rain forest walk near here yesterday.  My dad took this picture on the way (I love it--my new desktop).  It  was such a beautiful drive!  We had a rain shower and then when we got to the rain forest everything was clearing and the sun was shining through the trees.  The boys enjoyed themselves--all three of them;)

Not much new in my shop since I've been able to do a little quilting lately therefore I haven't done much cutting.  I do have some Dolce by Tanya Whelan in a 5inch charm pack that is new in my Etsy store here.  I plan to use these fabrics paired with some medium gray Kona soon!   Oh and anyone that reads my blog can use the coupon code -  Charmed  - for 15% off of anything in my store:)


Jeannette said...

The quilting is beautiful! I like the new desktop picture too!! Hope you are doing well ;-)

ally said...

love ur quilting work!

ally said...

looked through your flickr account and i must say you have some fab quilts there.

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