Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wonky Log Cabin Quilt

So today I am finally able to do some blogging again.  My dad stayed with us for three months, so that kept me busy.  He had a good time and had a chance to get to know the boys quite well.  Though, the computer nerd he is, the day after he left the band width allowance was all used up and I've had terribly slow internet connection until today.  Now I'm all topped up again!  Geez, he's too used to city life or something where internet is fast and cheap!  I hate that here in the country we get charged so much for so little when we are more dependent on internet for communication with the outside world.

Anyway, I have been plugging along with my New Year's goals to finish quilts that I have started already in the last five years.  Some of them feel a bit outdated already, but it's nice to see some finishes.  I have a lot of finishes so far minus the bindings being sewn down, which usually takes me forever to get done!  Here is one  that I started not too long ago made with Momo's black and white fabrics in a line for Moda called Wonderland.  I featured the butterflies for the centers of the wonky log cabin blocks.  Plus, I added a Splash of Flea Market Fancy to each of the blocks to zing them up.  Have you heard that Denyse Schmidt has new fabrics out available at Joann's in quality quilting cotton?  It's beautiful and I have some on the way:)  Can't wait to show you!  If you get close to a Joann's, go and check it out!

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Molly said...

This quilt is so fun! I love the colors and the blocks are so cool. I didn't realize your had to ration out your internet usage. I guess I take our connections for granted but won't anymore. Can't wait to see what else you are finishing up!

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