Saturday, May 29, 2010

Working With Katie Jump Rope

So, I would like to know... Has anyone out there ever tried to make an Apple Core quilt? Oh my, this is one difficult task that I am not sure that I should be attempting. Actually, I have had a collection of Katie Jump Rope fabrics for a long time now sitting in my stash and I've decided that it is time to start using them. I've got about three projects on the go at once so far. One just needs the blocks to be sewn together and the other is still being cut out. Katie Jump Rope might be my favorite fabric line ever. Or maybe Flea Market Fancy, I can't decide. Anyway, I am making this quilt cot size if I find the patience to actually do it! I have a template and a rotating cutting board so the cutting out has been easy. The strips are time consuming, but when I stitch slowly without pinning it seems to work out ok. The difficult part is sewing the rows together!! Any tips out there??? I pinned the entire row but am frustrated that the pins come out as I am trying to sew. Ack! I probably should have tried this project with a heavier quilting weight cotton, but I'm committed now.

In other news... The house is STILL being worked on. I cannot wait until we can use the downstairs. I would have some pictures, but the rooms are still full of tools, sawdust and whatever else that it is hard to show anything in the photos. The floors are being redone today as the sander left cracks in the floor despite our builder promising it would be fixed while the sander was here working on it two weeks ago. The lights go in on Monday--I am looking forward to that as we will be able to work on some painting in the evenings. The only other bits left are to build a pergola, a fence and some shelving! Need to finish this project SOON, I am now 29 weeks pregnant and feeling like we need to be rearranging things now!!! We started this project last September and I'm tired of mess, workman here every day and trying to get Alexander to be able to have consistent naps daily.


retdairyqueen said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed my visit

Zegi said...

From your pics I would guess that you are machine piecing. It might be easier to do by hand. If you don't think that is punishment, that is ;)

Annie said...

I love the pics of your adorable little boy.

I really like the apple core quilt and you are using some fabulous fabrics for it.

I have started that pattern several times and get frustrated and give up.

I agree, it might be easier as a hand pieced project.

I do hope you can finish it, I'll be sticking around to see it.

Good luck!

: )

Leslie said...

this may be super hard...but it looks so gorgeous

Becca said...

Would it help to use excessive amounts of pins? I know when I've sewn curved edges that seems to work well. Good luck. It is gorgeous so is your finished Flea Market Fancy one below. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love your current quilts! I have a fat quarter bundle of Katie Jump Rope that I have not touched yet. Love it in the apple core. Have you ever thought of using Quiltsmart interfacing for the cores? Also love your new sewing space. enjoy!

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