Monday, March 8, 2010

My Little Monkey Man

It's been a little while since I last posted mainly because I've been absolutely exhausted for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that I am going to be having another baby in August! I am so excited and happy that we will have two sweet little people in the house soon. Though, I have to say that I am a little concerned how I am going to handle having two to take care of. Alexander already takes so much of my energy, but we did have a particularly rough first year with all of his allergies and sleeping problems. I finally took him up to the sleeping clinic last month and was very successful with it. He now sleeps happily in his crib and actually sleeps through the night. Previously he had been waking up at least three times a night. So, now we will see how I go with the next one...

I haven't had much sewing going on here lately. I did just sew some Oliver + S pajamas that you see in the second photo out of some Amy Schimler monkey fabric. That was fun. I'd like to sew a few more clothes for Alexander when I get the chance. We've been busy with the house construction lately and will be doing all the painting in the next couple of weeks before the flooring goes in. It is finally coming along. Making all the decisions is somewhat tough when I have to consider that what I chose now I will have to live with for a long time. If I don't like it, there is no one to blame but me! I'll try and post some house pictures in my next update...


Mel G said...

Wonderful news! Just wanted to give you some encouragement, my first boy was like yours, lots of allergies and sleeping problems because of it. I learned to stay away from the major allergens during the second pregnancy and while nursing for my second son, and although #2 STILL ended up having allergies (different from number one), I had a lot more confidence the second time around. All three of my kids are all 2 years apart. Things are crazy, but since they are close in age, they really play with, and entertain each other very well. Best wishes during your pregnancy!

Lucy said...

just came over from sew mama great to find your blog.
you are very talented and have some really lovely things on your blog.
congrats on the baby - i'm due mid september and have completely not blogged (or sewn) for AGES due to being tired/sick etc, so am highly impressed you're back blogging.

We have 2 children one aged just 3 and one aged 1 1/2 and I have to say it is VERY busy. but great!
my 2 were both (one still is) useless at sleeping by themselves - my own fault but there we are! :-)
so i am hoping no.3 will be the one where i get it right. :-)

anyway i'm looking forward to reading some more on your blog.

Chelley said...

Congratulations! Your children will be about the same age difference as mine. My daughter was 13 months old when my son was born. They were both born about 9 weeks early, but are healthy and happy now. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...


As far as the sleeping goes our first baby (our daughter) had a rough time with sleep (turns out she has a circadian rhythm disorder) but our second baby (our son) slept through the night starting at two weeks old. He still loves to sleep 11 years later! So your first child isn't a good predictor of how any future babies will act or sleep or whatever. And it is hard work but so rewarding to have two! The most wonderful thing is getting to see your oldest with the new little one. It makes it so worth it.

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