Friday, February 2, 2007

Log Cabin

Wow, already into February. I guess things will be back into full swing soon. I thought I would quickly put together a log cabin quilt from the fabric I purchased just before Christmas. This will be my first log cabin quilt. I guess the variation throughout the quilt will not be very dramatic as I am not using the traditional light-dark value fabrics, but rather just a color variation of blue and brown. I debated for a while what I would use for the center block and in the end have decided to go with a traditional red hearth. I need to sew 81 blocks and as you can see, I already have the strips cut out. Some steady sewing ahead of me!

I am posting a picture of the souvenir we got for the house on our trip last week. I love handmade things, especially a nice piece of pottery and I had been looking for something to keep honey in so this was perfect! I love how it goes with our Denby pottery too. Honey with your tea, honey?

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