Saturday, July 28, 2012

More English Paper Piecing

I'm a bit upset this morning that I finally got a tiny window of opportunity to try and catch up with my long arm sewing jobs and what happens?  Yes, my machine broke down and now I need to wait until my husband gets a chance to look at it or wait until Monday to sort it through with my tech guy.  Grrr...

Actually, I haven't had much time at all these days to go downstairs to sew!  I have been taking my English paper piecing with me everywhere and am getting a few done now.  Keep in mind that my hexies are only the one inch size as opposed to the Hexy MF Quilt Along size which are 1.5 inches.  I've decided I am going to need about a 14 x 16 row lay out, which equates to 224 flowers (1568 hexies).  I've made 54 thus far and I thought I would share with you a few things I have learned about English paper piecing since I started this project.

1.  Basting with glue is so much faster than thread basting.
2.  Karisma pens and Sewline pens are equally as good as the other.
3.  Use Superior Botton Line thread for hand sewing--it is so fine it doesn't show and twists less.
4.  If you need to condition your thread you can use an old candle--no need for fancy products.
5.  Use a longer as opposed to shorter needle length.  It will save your hands from cramping.
6.  Tie a knot in the thread around the eye of the needle so the thread doesn't slip out.  Much easier.
7.  If you live in Australia and want to order papers BPPatch is a good place to get them.
8.  Store your project in a small container and take with you everywhere!!


Quiltjane said...

Looking fabulous your garden of hexie flowers. I agree with you about Joanne at pbpatch. All your hints are wonderful.I alternate between 50 and 60wts.

Kerri said...

sew pretty!!

Peggi said...

Very nice! I love hand piecing in the evenings, sitting with my husband.
I agree wholeheartedly with you about Bottom Line. In fact, I recently switched to piecing 100% with it, both hand and machine.
Do you whip stitch or ladder stitch? I switched to the ladder stitch and the stitches are completely invisible.

Franie-Jay said...

That looks gorgeous!

Hitch and Thread said...

Looking fantastic!

Hitch and Thread said...

Love the fussy cutting.

Geta Grama said...

Thank you for the tips. I have never used glue for basting but can't wait to try it.

Unknown said...

I love your fabric colors and thanks for the hint to use bottom line thread. This is a good idea.

Unknown said...

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