Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Quilt for my Sister-In-Law

This was the only quilt that I managed to get the binding sewn down to give away as a Christmas gift this year.  This one was a gift for my sister-in-law.  I didn't get as good a photo as I would have liked due to my hurry to get it wrapped up and under the tree in time for Christmas.  For some reason, whenever I finish a quilt and lay it out to take a photo the boys decide that they want to jump all over the "new" quilt.  Alexander generally smooths his hands over them and says, "I like it, I like it".  Hmmm... Already he knows just what to say to make his mama happy.  Ollie generally does a little dance over the new quilt and then promptly lays down on it.  Anyone that has ever had a cat could relate that it is something like pulling fresh laundry out of the dryer and folding it in nice stacks.  A cat will always show up when there is new fresh laundry to lie on.
I didn't get to show a close up of the quilting, but it does look nice, trust me.  This quilt was started several years ago and anyone that recognizes the fabric or the design has probably been quilting for at least a few years now:)
I also want to mention that I have decided to continue with my long arm edge to edge special quilt pricing through the month of January as I have not had much time to advertise this month.  That is $2.00/square foot!!!  Please email me at: thequiltingplatypus (at) for more details...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Quilting Highlights of 2011

Today I thought I would post a little bit of my quilting highlights of the last year.  I wrote these goals last January:

1.  I would like to start using solids in my work a lot more.
2.  I want to check out Jean Wells newest book and have a go at creating an artistic quilt, I especially am  interested in quilting in different color threads.
3.  I want to try doing some more applique in my quilts---like in my Birds of a Feather quilt...
4.  I plan to do a lot more free motion quilting in the next year.
5.  And now that I am more confident in free motion quilting I plan to finish many many more of my quilt tops over the next year.

I had also added that I wanted to blog a lot more than I have in previous years and break out of my shell a bit more.  I definitely have blogged more, breaking out of my shell, well, a little bit--maybe in a different way than I had expected to.  This year I got involved in online Bees and Swaps and that for me was breaking out of my shell.  I did use solids a lot more this past year, in particular I took part in the For the Love of Solids Swap.  I did purchase Jean Wells's book and did some more free sort of piecing, but have not yet pursued what I really had in mind when I wrote that post.  The applique thing never really happened this year either.  I did one wall hanging that was a mini of my Birds of a Feather quilt, but that is all.  What really took over for me instead was paper piecing, which I hadn't tried previously.   I did do a lot of free motion quilting though!  I finished many quilts and on top of all that I started my long arm quilting business!  Actually, looking back, I didn't expect to do so much in one year--especially when my days are so filled with the boys, but I did!  I will write a new list of goals in the New Year...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogger's Choice Fabric Bundle

Well, simply because I couldn't resist playing around with potential fabric combinations, I decided to enter the contest currently being offered here at Quokka Quilts.  It's the create your own bundle Blogger's Choice from the Fat Quarter Shop,  My choices were based on my most recent color obsession (burgundy purple and aqua) that was particularly inspired by the summer heat wave we've got going on here at the moment--I couldn't resist adding the watermelon color to go with the heat...  So, if I were to choose an inspiration fabric bundle right now, this would be it!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve!!!

These are what I made for Christmas presents for everyone.  Ruby Star Rising tea towels in sets of 6.
I guess there is excitement in the air with anticipation of Christmas!
I couldn't resist doing up this picture.  He looks so old timey in this pose.
Happy to go to sleep!  Does he really understand that it's Christmas tomorrow?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Various Bee Blocks

For Aqua and Orange Bee October--We were to make something random with the fabrics she provided.  I love how they turned out and plan to make a whole quilt like this one day.
Aqua and Orange Bee October Block 2
For Alissa for November's Sew Australia Bee Block 1
For Alissa Sew Australia Bee November Block 2
Piece Bee With You Bee November Block 1
Piece Bee With You Bee November.  I was running late so I made an extra block to make up for it.
Aqua and Orange Bee November
I haven't posted any of my Bee Blocks lately, so I thought I would post them altogether in one post.  Two of these I was a little bit late getting out, but not too late.  Feels good to be all caught up and ready for the New Year.  January is my first time for it to by "my" month in a Bee!  I'm still debating, but I am fairly certain that I am going to do a Spiderweb block.  I haven't made one before and I have always loved the look of them.  I will need to get that organized (after Christmas!). 

Last night I managed to wrap most of the presents, which only took until 11pm.  That coupled with getting up at 5am with the boys and their constant bouncing around all day, I'm feeling fairly exhausted.  My husband and I were talking/dreaming of just putting them in a gigantic hamster ball and letting them roll around in them all day, but then we decided that even that would probably not wear them out enough to sit still for two minutes.  Are all small boys like this?  Oliver goes walking with his grandma on occasion around the farm and can walk up and down the hills around the farm without pausing for more than 2 hours, he wears her out completely -- she is always the first one to stop.   I am looking forward to seeing what they think of Christmas this year, this is the first year that Alexander is really getting excited about it.  More preparations today, I think I need to do a little bit of  baking...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oliver and the Long Grass

I just couldn't resist posting some pictures of my baby boy going around the farm with his dad... 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stack of Quilts!

I have not posted lately mainly due to issues with my internet connection.  It has been slowing down  more and more over the last weeks (months really) and finally went completely dead last week.  A new modem has got it back up and running, but still it is running slow and dropping out on me.  Ugghh!  I love living in country Australia, but poor internet and bad service in general is not one of the reasons why!

On a positive note however, I stopped by at my local fabric store (not a big proper quilt store by any means) and after having done a free baby quilt for her to show as a sample in her shop, she had a stack of customer quilts for me ready to quilt!  I haven't even started really advertising yet, so this is fun!  It will also help pay for a huge thread order I made the other day as well...  I am really moving along with the long arm and it has been really exciting and fun to work on customer quilts.  I really get a thrill seeing what other people have made and working on their quilts!

And, if you have been following my blog for any length of time you'll know that I have had plenty (!) of quilt tops ready to be quilted in preparation for the arrival of the long arm.  Well, I am getting those gradually quilted as you can see in the photo above.  However, before I can show each one to you, they need to get bound--only two in that stack have been bound and finished.  Hopefully I will keep up!

Monday, December 5, 2011

We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring You...

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to bring you...  Ok, so I've been busy with the long arm doing customer quilts, shop samples and quilting up a few of my own  in between!  It's been humming away at a regular pace--I'm still taking in quilt tops at just 2$ per square foot this month, so take advantage if you would like!  I've decided that I won't add photos of customer quilts as to take so many pictures would be a big job.  Also, I would have to ask permission for each one and although I am doing the quilting, it's not really my work.  I want to keep this blog as a documentation of my own quilting journey as much as possible.

I did feel compelled to put this quilt top onto the machine yesterday and quilt it out (I used an Anne Bright pattern called Square Dance).  I love the new Echo line by Lotta Jansdotter.  It's so fresh and modern.  I never thought that I would ever do a turning twenty style (I didn't have a pattern) quilt as the piecing is so simple, but I just couldn't cut these fabrics up any further.  I really felt that this was the perfect way to display these fabrics.  Simple and large.  Now I just need to bind this and it will be heading off to be a Christmas present for someone in the States...  I hope they like it as much as I do!

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