Friday, May 27, 2011

More Japanese + and X Blocks

Ok, I'm having way way too much fun making these Japanese + and x blocks!  I stayed up past my usual bed time making more blocks.  I think making these blocks are the most fun I've ever had making a quilt!  I love using the scraps I've got on hand.  Yes, and a special thanks to Amy, for the Munki Munki scraps you sent me:)  I didn't originally intend to use them in this way, but I'm just loving using them.  My next goal is to see if I can get a hold of some wordy, text sort of Japanese fabrics to use for the x part.  Check out what Tamiko did with her amazing blocks here


Metanoia said...

These are really cute! What makes them Japanese? Are they from a japanese quilting book or japanese import fabrics? I have a couple of japanese magazines and their designs are so interesting. Twists on european traditionals thanks to looking at if from a different cultural perspective. I have a korean magazine on its way to me now. Can't wait!

Deb said...

I can see how these blocks could be addictive! So fun to choose the goofy/quirky fabrics. Definitely NOT grandma's calico's...much more fun!!

Kelli said...

These look ace! with each scroll down, there were more and more of my "all time fav" fabrics.
Great work!!!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

I so agree with you, these blocks are SO MUCH fun!!! Yours are gorgeous! xo

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