Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Summer in the City Finished!!!

Aaah, finally finished! This quilt I have had so close to be finished for such a long time, but didn't have the binding sewn down. I finished it last week, washed the Alexander drool off and have finally photographed it. This quilt was made from Moda'a Summer in the City line, which I love love love! Here I have it paired with a brown fabric from the Tiddly Winks line by Moda. Funny, but looking at my Designer Swappy Poo group it seems like I have not been the only one who has loved Summer in the City. This quilt was made from charm packs I had gotten on sale and I was always kicking myself that I just didn't buy a fat quarter bundle. Well, recently I found a bundle on ebay listed in a way that no one who adores Summer in the City would likely find it and so I ended up winning the bid for next to nothing! So, yes, now I have more to play with. Makes me sooooo happy. This time I will pair it with white in some way instead of brown which I had originally wanted to do.


wishes, true and kind said...

One great thing about Blogger is -- clicking on the pictures for a close-up. Did you really set your beautiful quilt on the dirt! Gasp! Great photo, though. Beautiful quilt!

G'G'ma said...

Your quilts are beautiful. I'm catching up on some past posts and read about your baby's health problem. Why don't doctors listen to the Mom's more than they do? I'm so happy you are finally getting some help. Two of my children had some allergy problems but they were solved quickly.

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