Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Red And Aqua

Ok, lately I am having a real obsession with red and aqua. I've also been inspired by RedPepperQuilts in the way that she uses a solid fabric with bright modern fabric choices. I see that she is going to be a big influence in the way that I quilt from now on. I just love the way the fabrics look when you have a solid fabric to give the eye a rest. I'm also a big fan of half square triangles because I know that I can cut them trim them and have perfect corners. It's taken me a while to become picky in my piecing, but the more I piece the pickier I become.

I also Finally figured out how to attach bindings with a hidden stitch using the ladder stitch. Where was I? How many of you use this stitch? I was using a very strange method before reading on a blog about the ladder stitch and now bindings get done much quicker!!! I love being able to learn so much from other bloggers!!!


Ginger Patches said...

Oh Red and absolute favorite combo!!! Love them both--thanks for the inspiration :)

wishes, true and kind said...

I think Rita of Red Pepper Quilts is inspiring a lot of us. I like the look of a solid in the mix, too. I just finished sashing my wonky log cabin blocks in white. I loved the way the looked before, but the white really enhances the beautiful fabrics.

I like the inclusion of the darker solid blue that you have used with the red and aqua. It gives it a whole different look. Nicely done!

Sunshine said...

Hey, I've been using the ladder stitch ever since I saw it on Mal's block turning*turning and have been advertising it on my blog ever since - it's fantastic, isn't it? So invisible, I love the finish it gives.


Ann-Marie said...

your quilts are so cool, I especially like the one with the dk. blue! and I agree about Red Pepper's quilts :)

Kristin said...

Both of your quilts are so beautiful. I am so glad I found them, I have a stack of red and aqua fabrics to make a quilt for my mom for Christmas and it is so great to see some inspiration in these colors. Thanks for sharing.

Corrie said...

gorgeous! I just love this quilt and love red and aqua together! beautiful!


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