Friday, September 25, 2009

Red and Aqua

Lately I have been obsessed with red and aqua fabrics together. It all started when I joined the Designer Fabric Swappy Poo on Flikr and saw all the beautiful collections of red and aqua. I also got a bit obsessed with collecting Flea Market Fancy fabrics through the group as well. Lots and lots of fun! Here is a photo of a small quilt I finished last week using my red and aqua fabrics. I've actually been doing the quilting myself these last weeks as I have decided I don't mind doing small quilts on the sewing machine. I will not do larger than 70 inches square though. Way too heavy.

Here is the latest photo of Alexander I took yesterday. He finally learned to clap hands and I was so happy and excited with him! He's a real ball of fun these days and keeps me hopping! The sweater he is wearing is also one that I knitted.

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Sunshine said...

talking about red and aqua - you are aware that your kid in the photo matches that colour scheme with those amazing blue eyes, right??? :)

Great quilt!


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