Friday, January 19, 2007

Curtains Finished

I finished the curtains yesterday. Here are a few pictures of the progress of tea dying the backing fabric. It's the cheapest way to get a large amount of material in a neutral color. In this batch I used 8 teabags for the entire amount which produced as much color as I probably would be able to get from tea. You can see a bit of the river view we have from the deck in the second picture. I am happy that I now have something to cover the mirrors and I really like the curtains but I do have to say that I am aware of imperfections! They ended up measuring about 2 inches too short so I had to hang them lower than I would have liked! Oh well, we are off to Sydney for a short vacation for a few days tomorrow. It's one year on Australia Day that we moved into our house! Hard to believe, it went so fast...

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Lynn said...

I have to learn how to do this, I love how it looks! Please send me directions on how to make these.

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