Saturday, January 27, 2007

Back Home Again

We are back home from Sydney! It's good to be back home again and away from the smog of the city. Wow, it makes me appreciate the farm all that much more after being in the big city for a week. I find it interesting that what people in the city pay big money for; for example, organic food, space, parking, good views, etc., is out here in the country for next to nothing in comparison.

It was a thrilling feeling to come back home and check out the garden to see how the plants are growing. We have a pumpkin/squash patch down by the river that we have been trying to get going, so that is one of the first things I wanted to check out. Such simple pleasures out in the country.

This is a picture of a Kangaroo in our backyard that I am posting especially for Amy since she said she would like to see our wildlife. If I am lucky, I might manage a picture of one of the platypus down by the river one of these days...

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Lynn said...

Still waiting for my picture! LOL

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