Thursday, September 15, 2016

Working on Fancy Forest and New Direction

I'm starting to get organised again gradually and all I can think of doing is making quilts.  That's good, right?  That's why I started this blog in the first place, a desire to share and journal my projects and I have missed doing that these last few years.  I also miss writing things down.  Life has gotten all a bit fast these days with all the avenues that social media has to offer, but blogging is slightly slower paced with an almost old school paper and pen feel about it.  I'm laughing to myself as I write that as maybe that is stretching it just a bit.

I've slowed down a lot with my own projects over the last years, largely due the kids being just at that age where is a lot to do with them every day, but also because I was in the middle of taking on two businesses.  I've been long arm quilting five years now and started up Polka Dot Tea three years ago with my friend Danielle.  Now that has changed since Danielle went back to work full time.  I had to decide what I wanted to do, continue quilting or take on the shop all on my own.  I did have a long hard think about it and what I wanted to do as starting an online fabric shop was not necessarily something I had planned to do, but rather it evolved.  In the end, I decided that I am just far too passionate about fabrics to not continue with it.  So, onward Polka Dot Tea!

So, slowing down the long arm quilting will enable me to focus a bit more and make some clear decisions on what I would like to do with the shop.  Also, I'm hoping to fit in some more time sewing with all the fabrics I now have access to!  It's why I'm here, I like to make quilts. I like color and design and playing with fabric.

This photo is what is currently on my design wall and I'm getting close now to putting it all together.  If you are not already familiar with it, it is a quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman called Fancy Forest and rather deceptively is not made using the foundation paper piecing method but is all traditional cutting and sewing.  I can also add that it is rather fun to make!  Actually, extremely fun to make. I decided I liked the original quilt so much that I would just make mine as she made hers.  I had the kits in the shop, so why not?  I have the pattern in the shop here, if you are inspired to make one as well.  I hope to update soon with the finished quilt!


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Oh wow, that's looking stunning!!! I'm off to look at the shop too xxx

wintunancy said...

Welcome back. I've missed seeing your work.

ES said...

Nice to see a post from you! The quilt is a beauty :)

pforgerson said...

Yay! i loved reading your blog!

Stitched said...

This quilt pattern makes my heart stop. It's FANTASTIC! I nearly bought it a few weeks ago at my new local quilting shop but I resisted. I'm not sure I can resist much longer.

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