Friday, March 1, 2013

Two More Sew Retro Blocks Finished

I made two more of the Sew Retro Blocks designed by Kristy that you can find more information about here.   These are the last of the blocks from the pattern, but for some reason I thought the Canister block was 10" x 30" instead of the 10" x 20" that it really measures.  That leaves a hole in my wall hanging!  Luckily though just as I figured out this would be a problem, Kristy contacted me and asked me to be a tester for her Sew Retro 2 blocks that will be available soon.  They are just as gorgeous and I really want to make all of them as well!  I'm only testing one though and it will be a perfect fit for the missing gap! 

I'm excited to get them all together now!  This project has been very fun for me and I'm hoping it will look nice hanging on our kitchen wall once I've finished.  One more to go!!!

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Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Love the newest additions! They are looking great. Your fabric choices are absolutely spot on!

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