Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Weekend of Sewing with Chris Jurd

I have had a busy few weeks the last couple of weeks which have included starting my new three day regiment at the new gym in town, tennis starting back up, home projects and quilting quilting quilting!  It's all good and the topper of all these fun activities was this weekend's event in Cooma--a quilt workshop with Chris Jurd!

I have long been an admirer of Chris Jurd's work and have spent many hours gazing at her quilts in magazines somehow always taken with her color combinations and designs.  When my local quilt shop mentioned to me that they would be hosting a workshop to make the New York Beauty quilt taught by Chris, I jumped at the opportunity to join in at the last minute.  I have only previously attended one other quilt workshop but wow, what a lot of fun!!!! Chris was an excellent teacher and we had such a great group of girls to sew with this weekend that I look forward to do something like this again in future!

One thing I have to say is that looking at quilts in magazines and on the internet is one thing, but it doesn't make up for seeing them in reality.  I was blown away!  We had a show and tell and as Chris brought out some of her work it really made it quite clear that I am just playing at this quilt thing.  Her work is something to aspire towards.  Have a look at this quilt in particular here,  It's called "Lots of Dots."  I am determined I will make this quilt sometime in my near future.  The photo of it just does not do it justice at all!

For my New York Beauty blocks I am concentrating on using a mix of Kaffe Fassett prints and Art Gallery solids.  These blocks are very time consuming yet addictive.  Stay tuned, I hope to be able to continue working on these blocks again soon!


cat and vee xoxo said...

Have you seen that with the current Quilters' Companion, there's a DVD of Chris Jurd making a NY Beauty block? I haven't watched it yet. I've particularly noticed that that's what the DVD is though, as I sent a copy of the mag to someone overseas, and decided to keep the DVD with it (even though they may not be able to watch it, with different DVD zones).

Anyway - just in case you were interested! Such beautiful work, what an awesome workshop to be a part of. x

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Wow! That looks awesome! Your use of colour is amazing...I love Kaffe and using it with solids makes it all pop!

Mama Spark said...

Looks like a lot of work but it should be beautiful when you are all finished.

Cathy Hetzel said...

Your blocks look great...... I'm doing a workshop with Chris later this year.......soooo looking forward to it......more so now after your post.....

Chris said...

Thanks "Heidi" for the lovely plug!
I'll be posting this week and I'll send you the link.
Thanks also for becoming a,follower.
I had a great weekend with such keen students.
Hope hubby managed ok!

leanne said...

what a fabulous workshop that would have been - must keep an eye out for the next one in Cooma - just over the mountain from me which is especially easy in Feb with no snow ! love your blocks :)

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