Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rainbow Tumbler Finish

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Like planned it was very quiet.  The boys loved their Christmas--here is a photo of them early Christmas morning.  Alexander told me that he received the best Christmas presents ever.  He was referring to the Bruder toy tractors that both he and Oliver got from Santa.  I don't know what other boys their ages are like, but both of mine study the farm newspapers and know all the tractors by brand and in what country they are made,etc.  They also know all about moving equipment and are basically obsessed with everything and anything with wheels.

Their grandma spent Christmas with us and my husband and I were able to play a lot of tennis on Christmas day, which was so much fun!  Thankfully the weather was cool, so we played while waiting for the dinner to cook and then again after dinner.

On Boxing Day we went down to the coast to visit more family and spent a couple hours at the beach.  It was the first swim in the ocean for the year and even the boys got their feet wet, although I think Oliver was a bit frightened by the big waves and cold water.  They brought their tractors along and loved the endless "sandpit" that the beach provides.

Over the last week I got out my Tumbler quilt top and decided to finish it.  I decided I would try something new on the machine.  I used a p2p pattern and custom quilted each tumbler.  I'm starting to get the gist of using some other bits of my machine and will try doing some more custom quilting for myself in future.

If you recall this quilt top from my previous post about it, I made it using the Quiltsmart method, which I don't think I would do again.  So far of the Quiltsmart products I have tried I would recommend the Lonestar quilts, the Mariner's Compass quilts, the Pumpkin Seed (Orange Peel) quilt and the Mondo Bag.  I have more to try yet though, so I will keep you informed. 


Anonymous said...

The rainbow tumbler looks fantastic. I love the bright colours. Love the photo of your boys and all their presents - ours used to look like that when the kids were little. Not so much now that they are teens and twenties - the older they get, the smaller the gifts get LOL.

Jeannette said...

Oh I just emailed you, ;-) Now I see what you have been up to, beautiful quilt! It looks like a lot of work. Wow the boys seemed quite calm to have so many presents before them ;-) I used to take my son and sit for hours to watch heavy equipment work and we had all the books we could find about them and how they worked, etc. It was great until one day he annouced he planned to work at the city dump on the trash smasher, ha ha! (not that there is anything wrong with that, we just always have other dreams for our little ones).

Your boys have grown so much, very handsome! I am glad you had a great holiday!! Thank you for my package!!

Sarah said...

Very cute boys! I have two sons myself aged 3 and 6, as well as a daughter aged 9. I would say its very normal of farm kids to know all those tractor details. My brother was like that, and now he farms with my Dad. Ours was header brands too! Sounds like a lovely Christmas.

Leanne said...

I love your quilt, the colours and the quilting both make it very striking and fun. I am glad to hear you are enjoying the holidays.

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