Sunday, September 16, 2012

Plus and X Block for My Dad

A while ago (over a year now) I made the Japanese + and x block in the second photo for my mom.  It is fussy cut to represent aspects of my mom (you can find her name, birthday, etc.)  I haven't made any + and x blocks for a while, but yesterday I got motivated to start working on it again.  I've recently had a lot of people checking out and choosing to favorite photos in my flickr stream of my + and x progress.  That coupled with recent Bee blocks I made (albeit in a larger size) I am keen to work on this quilt again.

The first picture is of the block I made today to be representative of my dad.  It's somewhat convenient for me that both my mom and dad have only 4 letters in their names!  He has been an electrician and later owned a computer business hence the lighting and techno.  Actually, anyone that knows my dad knows that he is a techno freak.  Ann Arbor is where we lived until they retired.  The fabric in the middle reminds me of an abacus which he told me was how he learned Maths as a child growing up in Germany.  The background had to be red, which is his favorite color--well maroon, but I didn't have a great maroon, but he likes red too. Heh!  Do you like it dad? 


Kylie said...

I love these Jeannette. So special to personalise them like that :)

Annabella said...

Great blocks Jeanette.

Liz DandeliondD said...

Great blocks.
I love these a lot

Katy Cameron said...

How cool! Love the idea behind the inspiration

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