Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching Up on Bees

Piece Bee With You -- January
Piece Bee With You - February
Piece Bee With You - February
Mod Mosaic Bee - February

Mod Mosaic Bee - February

Sew Australia - February

Sew Australia - February


Katy Cameron said...

Wow, seriously caught up there, that's a lot of blocks!

kelly said...

you are brilliant! well done. i especially love the kaleidoscope quilt.

One for a wish.. said...

Love the seahorse and the kaleido quilt...but it all looks terrific. I'm about to attempt a paper pieced block, after having only one earlier, disastrous attempt, for a bee. Looks like you're a expert!

Mama Spark said...

Love that tea pot and the mod blocks! Are we still planning on putting something together?

Susie said...

Do you offer patterns for your quilts? I love the scrappy quilt and would like to make it. I can figure it out if not, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

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