Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's on the Long Arm Today

This week has been slow with new quilts--only had two to do on Tuesday so I've been working on some of my own again this week.  This is a 30's style quilt that I did ages and ages ago.  It's 106 inches square, so I am really glad now that I waited until I had the long arm to tackle this job!  It's amazing how our tastes change, isn't it?  Still, I think I did a good job with the piecing on this one--it took me quite a long time to do!! I'm still debating on what I will do for the binding--should I use the green fabric or find some other 30's fabric to use or something else all together?


Mama Spark said...

I think I would use the green. Wow this is a departure from your more recent! Pretty though.

Alli said...

It must be fun to go crazy all over so much quilt. It looks huge!

cc said...

Green or White

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