Thursday, December 22, 2011

Various Bee Blocks

For Aqua and Orange Bee October--We were to make something random with the fabrics she provided.  I love how they turned out and plan to make a whole quilt like this one day.
Aqua and Orange Bee October Block 2
For Alissa for November's Sew Australia Bee Block 1
For Alissa Sew Australia Bee November Block 2
Piece Bee With You Bee November Block 1
Piece Bee With You Bee November.  I was running late so I made an extra block to make up for it.
Aqua and Orange Bee November
I haven't posted any of my Bee Blocks lately, so I thought I would post them altogether in one post.  Two of these I was a little bit late getting out, but not too late.  Feels good to be all caught up and ready for the New Year.  January is my first time for it to by "my" month in a Bee!  I'm still debating, but I am fairly certain that I am going to do a Spiderweb block.  I haven't made one before and I have always loved the look of them.  I will need to get that organized (after Christmas!). 

Last night I managed to wrap most of the presents, which only took until 11pm.  That coupled with getting up at 5am with the boys and their constant bouncing around all day, I'm feeling fairly exhausted.  My husband and I were talking/dreaming of just putting them in a gigantic hamster ball and letting them roll around in them all day, but then we decided that even that would probably not wear them out enough to sit still for two minutes.  Are all small boys like this?  Oliver goes walking with his grandma on occasion around the farm and can walk up and down the hills around the farm without pausing for more than 2 hours, he wears her out completely -- she is always the first one to stop.   I am looking forward to seeing what they think of Christmas this year, this is the first year that Alexander is really getting excited about it.  More preparations today, I think I need to do a little bit of  baking...


Katy Cameron said...

Love those blocks, they all came out great. Good luck deciding on your blocks too, I deliberately left mine until the end of my bees so I could procrastinate fully!

As for the hamster wheel, what a fab idea - maybe one of those inflatable things? Could keep them going for hours (could make interesting crop circles too ;o) )

pippablue said...

Your blocks look great. I really like the solid ones, there is something really calming about them.

I could definitely use a hamster wheel for my little fellow. He is on the go all day, doesn't take a nap and still doesn't sleep the night, even though he is almost three. In fact I would say that he doesn't sit still for more than a minute!

Going to my mom's for Christmas, so at least there willm be loads of other people around to keep him busy!

Hitch and Thread said...

Love your blocks. Especially your first one. My boys are the same. I'm exhausted and they're like the energizer bunny and just keep going and going and going....

Alli said...

I suuuuuper duper love your solids blocks! And of course your geese ones -- the little octopus is awesome!

Zegi said...

Yes, I think all little boys are like that! If only they could siphon off a bit of energy for us. Love the blocks, especially that top one with the aqua. Pretty!

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