Friday, November 25, 2011

Second Customer Quilt!

Yay for another customer finish!!  Actually, this is another free quilt done for one of my guild ladies.  She happens to be one of the nicest ladies, very generous and friendly to me since I arrived in Australia so I was particularly pleased that my quilting turned out so well on her quilt.  She didn't know who this quilt would be for and wanted the ability to keep it masculine enough for a male so I chose an allover fern design.  I thought this was also fitting in that she is a member of the local garden club so hopefully it suits her as well.  I really like it and feel I did a good job with it, I can't wait to deliver it to her on Tuesday.  I know she will be pleased!
I am up for working on some more tops if anyone out there wants to send them to me!!!  I am only going to be offering edge to edge all over quilting for at least the next year or so because I am confident I can do a good job with that.  And, I am starting out with a very low rate too---all the quilts tops I receive before the New Year I am offering to do for you for just $2.00 per square foot.  Email me at   thequiltingplatypus(at)gmail(dot)com  if you are interested.  I'm likely to be fast too as I am just itching to get quilting:)
By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!  We are in the middle of shearing and when that is all over next week we will have our celebration as well!!! 


Katy Cameron said...

Love the fern design, it looks fab!

Alli said...

You did a great job! I hope you get lots more customer quilts to do soon! :)

Mama Spark said...

Are you bringing Thanksgiving to Oz?? Enjoy your turkey day!

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