Sunday, October 23, 2011

Early Summer Mornings

I have to admit, I have not been able to get near to my sewing machine much this week as the summer heat is slowing me down.  I do suffer in the heat and with a combination of some day trips away, stomach bug and heat stroke from my weekly tennis day out (two days to recover!!!) I've been less energetic.  I've been tempted to have a swim in the river, but October is still kind of chilly for that yet.  Last week I was feeling great, finally getting caught up on the housework and getting projects done around here that need doing--then I crashed.  However, one of the benefits of summer are the absolutely amazingly beautiful mornings like we had today.  These are the kind of views we get in the mornings--it's so peaceful and I do love my life here:)

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Katie said...

I'm with you entirely on the heat! I grew up in Tassie, moved to Adelaide for uni and am now in Brisbane... I call it the season of pools or the A/C igloo lol... Props to you for actually still going out and playing tennis in it! The best bit is the other half hates the heat too - so I have a great excuse for more crafting :) We tend to do the outdoor stuff in winter here, which is a gorgeous 16-22 on average... take care and stay cool... (I have to say I'm better with it since I started taking 'himalayan salt' with food)

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