Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spring Time!

Time keeps ticking, I'm not getting much sewing done these days as we are spending more and more time outdoors.  Spring is the busiest time on the farm and the boys live for being outside.  It was nice for me during lambing/calving time that my husband could take Alexander with him around the animals in the mornings.  They would go together and feed out the hay to the cows and ride around on the bike or in the truck to check the mobs.  We are finished with that and now onto other pressing jobs in preparation for shearing time.  I'm also trying to prepare for the arrival of the long arm which should be early November at this point!!  It couldn't come at a busier time, but oh well, every day seems busy when you have two boys aged one and two!!!  I am posting a few shots of Oliver posing his gorgeous knitwear from his great aunt and the boys riding their truck together.  They did this on their own and that is what makes it especially nice--they are slowly starting to play together more and more.  And can I just tell you that the volume levels in the house are getting higher and higher too?  Hope you are all having a good weekend:)

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Jeannette said...

Darling sweater & tobagon!! They are cute and look like they are having fun.

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