Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ruby Star Rising Table Linens For My Mom

So, I've been slightly under the radar the last few days or so, busy with life and farm stuff mainly.  That includes packing in a year's worth of meat into storage and all that good stuff.  I do feel quite lucky that since moving to the farm I have been able to enjoy good food including all our own beef and lamb.  We also enjoy a garden full of fresh vegetables, plus we have various fruits and berries around the place.  It makes a difference when you know where your food is coming from.  Lots of people these days talk about eating organic foods, but sometimes I think that that is only a small part of the picture.  We should be thinking about sustainability as well.  We should be thinking about how animals are killed before butchering.  Are they treated well?  Have they endured a long transportation in terrible conditions only to feel panic and terror during the last moments of their lives?  Did you know that the meat from an animal that is stressed before killing is much tougher than one that has not been stressed?  And how often do we think about how good the vegetables and fruits that we eat actually are for us?  We cannot get goodness from vegetables and fruits if the soils they are grown in are depleted and devoid of minerals.  I guess I get a little bit annoyed when I hear people say things like, "It's organic, it's good."  When a person uses the word organic it sounds to me like they are declaring that they are a member of a special club of individuals who are making the world a better place by repeating liberally and loudly the word organic.  Ok, I'm being a little bit cheeky with that comment.  I'm not pro or con anything in particular, but I do think it is wise to stop occasionally and think about where your food comes from.  Also, not to put particular blame on any one area.  Our system of getting food has been created because it has been an evolution of what people needed over time.  The process of asking questions is helpful in getting people to think about the direction we want to continue to move towards.  So, all I am saying is when you talk about organic food continue to ask more questions. 

That all said, I really just wanted to post a few pictures of the project I recently completed for my mom.  I ordered some of the Ruby Star Rising Vintage Dishes in Aqua for decorating my kitchen table, but I was sent Grey instead.  I asked my mom if she liked the fabric for decorating in her home and she did!  I made four placemats, a hotpad/trivet and a tea towel.  She requested the border to be "a darker shade of grey", which I supplied with Kona Coal.  I couldn't resist putting my dishes out with the set to see how they would go with the grey.  I love it.  Oh well, I still they the aqua will look better in my kitchen overall.


FabricandFlowers said...

Oh my goodness....I love your placemats! I'm inspired.

Patchwork notes said...

These are great! You've re-inspired me to make tea towels with mine. And I'm with you on the food. In the US, there is a (very small) movement to have organic labels completely removed from the food system and replaced with a sustainability label that would rate the food based on several factors, including farm conditions, length of travel, treatment of farm workers, feed, and so on and so on.

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