Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little Houses Quilt Top

There is a lesson in this somewhere, I'm sure of it.  Yesterday I pulled out the pieces to this top that were deep in storage and hidden away from sight.  What I mean by that is this is a top I was not sure I would ever get the energy to complete.  I started this some years ago with great gusto.  I didn't have a pattern, but I drafted the houses the best I could and paper pieced the middle bit.  I used a fabric line by Moda called Urban Indigo and was quite pleased with it as I went along.  Then suddenly and I mean suddenly, I lost all interest in the fabrics and even the design.  It was so strange to be so into it and then suddenly be so unmotivated. Also, as I was going along I miscalculated fabric amounts and only made enough for a 5 X 5 layout instead of the 7 X 5 that I wanted to make.  That put me over the edge and the project was set aside. 

When I pulled this out yesterday, I thought, Ok, I'll finish this with the blocks that I have finished and have a simple 5 X 5 small square quilt.  It will be done and then I can move on and be satisfied that it is not sitting in the closet.  I mustered up the energy to finish the quilt in the 5 X 5 layout during the boys nap time.  I took a look at it and still didn't feel quite happy about it.  I did what I told myself I would do, but I hate square quilts and it was never my intention to make it square!  So, I pushed on, delved down into the scraps and the half started blocks and found that I had enough to finish my 5 X 7 layout.  Whew, and last night I finished it!  It looks a mess on the back, I compensated for many many errors by adjusting seam allowances on the back so it looks wonky and messy back there.  I hated finishing this quilt, it felt like a chore, but the lesson is that once I finished it I realized that I like this quilt again!  It is going to be a perfect one to send to my mom.  She will love it--it will make a perfect throw for a couch and the fabrics and style of the quilt are very much her sort of tastes.  Oh happy happy, done done!!!


Jeannette said...

Yay good for you finishing it! I know it is hard to work on something you do not enjoy anymore. It turned out nice.

Joanne said...

Your quilt is stunning! Good for you finishing it, and I am glad that you were able to work it out to be the size that you wanted.♥

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