Sunday, June 26, 2011

Japanese + and X Block for my Husband

Ok, back to projects that are a little more fun.  I made this block this morning to be the representative + and X block for my husband.  It's fairly self explanatory, except maybe the rulers as the background.  He is always seeing how things "measure up", so sort of a literal translation of that personality trait.  Now you know his name as well:)  The tree in the center was a must have as my husband has planted several thousand trees all over the farm.  He believes in taking care of the land, loves the outdoors and truly is a genuine person of top quality.  I debated about adding a bit I found that said "extra fine" but I didn't want to inflate his ego too much;)


Jeannette said...

How cool! Where do you find all the cool wordy fabrics!!

Sarah said...

I love the tree in the center! Great Job piecing it!

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