Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Denyse Schmidt Picnic and Fairgrounds in Australia!

So yesterday I had my first day off as a mom and went to Canberra on my own mainly to visit a friend who is going away to the States for a couple of months so I needed to catch up with her.  We had been putting it off for one reason or another and in the end it worked out perfectly!  I was able to stop by Spotlight and pick up some of the new fabrics just released by Denyse Schmidt called Picnic and Fairgrounds that was only ordered over here.  These prints (in the top photo) are available only here in Australia!!!  I bought quite a bit of it and decided I will sell a small portion of it in my Etsy shop.  I don't foresee going back to get more anytime soon, so once it's gone it's gone as far as I can see right now.  I'm going to use these prints in my Wonky Log Cabin quilt that I have been working on.  I was waiting for these prints to become available so that I could add them into the quilt to help balance out the color.  So, I hope it will be worth it.  I also plan on making a kaleidoscope quilt out of these fabrics as well.  When I get to it that is... 

Can you believe what I found at my LQS up there as well?  I know that they must bring out fabric from the back or somewhere else as I have been looking for brown posies EVERYWHERE.  It has been almost as hard as grey seeds for me to find.  I will do a back flip if I walk in there next time and find grey seeds.  Can you imagine?  Eeeek!  I'm now obsessed with trying to find some fabrics by Suzuko Koseki for my scrap quilt and because I just love them, but I guess they are very hard to come by.  I will keep searching.  And for some other text prints as well.  I would be happy if anyone could point me in the right direction:)

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Mama Spark said...

Resisting the temptation, but have to ask, email me with how much a FQ bundle would be. I really like the aqua! I can't believe you found FMF either, got any extra of that? LOL. Let me know if there are some things here I can be on the look out for for you too = ) Happy to do it.

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