Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chocolate Lollipop Quilt Top Finished

So, I'm trying to finish up quilt tops that just need borders added or blocks sewn together, etc.  I have a few more to get through yet!  This one just needed the borders though.  In case you are wondering, this fabric is by Anna Maria Horner from her Chocolate Lollipop line.  I bought this fabric last time I was in the U.S., which is now 4 years ago!!!  At the time I thought this fabric was a little bit crazy, but I was somehow attracted to it.  Now, I feel that there have been many fabrics that I have lost interest in since that time, but this line I love more and more with time.  I have to say that I really love Anna's fabrics and the vibrancy of her color palette.  And I do love the way that this quilt top turned out too.  I know I have an obsession with octogon quilts--don't know why, maybe because my favorite number is 8? No, really, I have no idea why.

In case you might have a fondness for octogon quilts too, you can find the pattern for the 1974 quilt (from my previous post) here.  The 1974 quilt is different than the Lollipop quilt if you look closely.  It is made using a free pattern that Tula Pink published for Moda.  On the other hand, the Lollipop quilt is made from a template set that I bought here in Australia.  If you are interested in purchasing the templates they are only available through one quilt shop as they are made by a local guy for her shop specifically.  This is what she told me, but she also said that she would be very happy to post out templates to anyone who would like to purchase a set.  You can find her shop here.  Just click on the contact details for information to call or write to her.  Hope that helps =)


Marg M said...

I Love this one more than the other but they are both beautiful. Will enjoy seeing them both quilted now.

Sarah said...

I agree. I do love this one more than the other, but I am sort of crazy like that!

Thanks again for the inspiration!

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