Monday, December 27, 2010

What we did for Christmas...

We had a quiet Christmas at home this year.  Since the kids are so young we didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything too elaborate for Christmas and it turned out perfect.  Alexander had his first real experience of opening presents and was so excited!  He LOVES cars and trucks and bikes and tractors.  I'm not sure if his love for wheels came from going with his dad in the mornings around the farm on the bike, in the truck and on the tractor, plus going with me in the car to town...  Or maybe it is just a boy thing built in.  Anyway, all Christmas day he was so excited about the cars I got him and he was just beside himself!  Oliver is not in the photo because he passed out half way through the present unwrapping.  Alexander was very generous too, every time there was a clothing or boring present he would say, "Ollie",  meaning he thought that the present should be for Oliver!  We had a nice feast during the afternoon of turkey, ham and vegetables with cherry pie for desert.  After canning over 20 kilos of cherries, we deserved some cherry pie!!!  How fun Christmas is when you have little kids!!!  Next excitement up, my dad is going to come to visit and meet his only grandchildren very soon (Jan. 5th)  and is staying for 3 months too!

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wendyD said...

how wonderful. I'm so glad that your dad is there for a visit. Enjoy.

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