Friday, July 9, 2010

Some More Quilt Tops Finished

I think from the pictures in this post it looks like I've been more productive than I really have been lately. All of these quilts were fairly easy ones to produce and have been in the works for a while now. In actuality I have been absolutely going crazy all day with a sick little man for weeks now. He's had high temps with strep throat and a chest infection. On top of that he is his usual sensitive self and has had a reaction to the antibiotics I had to give him. Nine months pregnant, an unfinished house with a builder who never shows up when he says he is going to, plus a sick toddler equals stress for the mama!!! Quilting is my only sanity when I do get a chance. Here are the quilts I have most recently finished on the new guest bed in the still unfinished room!!! All of the quilts are Denyse Schmidt inspired or with her fabrics... I'm on a real kick lately to finally use the fabrics that I have been saving and saving for years now. Fabric is meant to be used though and as good as it looks on the shelf, I think it is important to use it.

I do understand though why quilters hoard fabric. Sometimes when you make a quilt it doesn't do the fabric justice and then there is the disappointment or feeling that the fabric was wasted. While it sits on the shelf the possibilities are still all in front of you. I have that feeling about the Katie Jump Rope fabrics that I have been saving. I've made a few quilts now out of this fabric and I am not sure that the visions I had for its use is measuring up in the quilts that I've been making. For example, the first quilt shown here is a Kaleidoscope quilt that I have dreamed about making since 2006. Put together I am not as happy with it... I think I made the blocks too big, I should have made smaller blocks--maybe around 8 inches. Also, I feel like there is too much white space. I think I will still put a border around this one which will hopefully contain all the white space that I feel is too much.

The second quilt top is my wonky log cabin finished. I really enjoyed making this quilt as it was easy, fun and very different from anything I have made. I very much enjoyed working with the black and white, but I think I am over it now. It was one of those things that I just needed to do, but now I think I am done. I love how the black and white allows the colorful Flea Market Fancy fabrics to express themselves... I am still debating on how I will quilt this one. Also, do I use a colored binding or a black and white one???

The third quilt top is from the free pattern by Denyse Schmidt for her Flea Market Fancy fabrics. You can still get this pattern free from the Free Spirit website. I used Katie Jump Rope fabrics again instead of the limited supply of Flea Market Fancy that I still have. As soon as I get some batting, I will try to start quilting some of these quilt tops!!!!


Jeannette said...

Wow it does look like you have been busy! I don't think it is too much white space in the first could be a nice place to do some quilting that would make the fabrics pop.

I love the wonky squares in the fabrics you choose!!! As for a binding it could be fun to do a pieced binding in many of the colors or a nice patterned black/white.
I totally missed the FMF line and I really like the way you used withe B&W.

Marg M said...

Love the quilts and especially the black and white. I hope your son gets better and good luck with the builder showing!!

grendelskin said...

Keep your chin up, all of this will pass! The toddler years are HARD.
It does look like you've been busy! I like the kaleidoscope and I bet you will be much more pleased with it after quilting - sometimes it's that last step that really brings the piece to life.

MichelleB said...

Your quilt tops look great! It sounds like a stressful time right now, but it will get better.

I'm intrigued by the b&w ovals in your FMF and b&w quilt. They look like the Freebird fabric, but I don't think they are. Do you remember what fabric line they are from?

One for a wish.. said...

Wow! What a terrific job. And I agree with one of the other ladies - when you quilt up the kaleidoscope it will look terrific! Good luck with renos, pregnancy and sick toddler - been there , done that in 2007- not remembered as one of my favourite times! :-)

Molly said...

I just found your blog today and I've been jumping around on it. I just love all your quilts. And how exciting to be living on a sheep farm in Australia!!! I have to dig out my old copy of the Thorn Birds tonight. You don't have any hunky priests around there do you?? (I'm sure you haven't heard that enough times ..... )

All three of these are beautiful. I'm sure quilting will turn out fantastic, your builder will show up, your toddler will cheer up and you'll soon be birthing a beautiful babe. How's that for positive thinking!

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