Friday, January 8, 2010

A Couple of Finished Quilts

I've had these two quilts finished now for quite some time but somehow seem to have trouble getting good photos of my quilts. It's the lighting. Sometimes I get lucky if I take them outside. Or sometimes it's just a mild improvement. So frustrating! I need to spend the time to learn to use my camera more effectively.

Anyway, this first quilt is made with fabric from the Australian Prints Charming line. I think it's going on three years now since I started it? Oh my... that shows how slowly I move along. But, I eventually get there. Why does this quilt somehow make me think of Mickey Mouse?

The second quilt shown is a more recent endeavor. I finally discovered the Mingle and Metro Market line by Monaluna and absolutely fell in love. It was an obsession there for a little while. This rail fence quilt was inspired by the Old Barn Quilt Along. I needed a design large enough to show off the fabrics... My husband says this quilt reminds him of South Park. ???? Ok, I sort of get it.


anne said...

What awesome quilts, love both of them. Where do you get your fabrics from? I am off to look up ladder stitch........

wishes, true and kind said...

I ALWAYS have trouble getting good photos! They just never come out like they do in my mind's eye. Anyway -- your quilts are fabulous! The first one is just so unique! I love the Prints Charming panels (am I right about that?) and I like the colors in the second one. Different looks -- but both wonderful quilts!


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