Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Not Much Quilting Going On

Can you see the exhaustion in this daddy's eyes? Happy, but exhausted. Well the mommy of this baby is very much in the same predicament. Little Alexander is suffering from colic and is trying to sort his poor little tummy out. But, we think he's cute so we've decided to keep him around.

Thank you for all the comments on the last post. I was overwhelmingly happy to hear a lot of mentions that I will get a chance to quilt again one day and that things will eventually get easier. I am enjoying him more and more with each and every day and he is not even a month old yet!

I have gotten two quilts back from the longarmer this last week and will post pictures as soon as I get them bound. It is so nice getting quilts back--like opening presents on Christmas day sort of feeling. I love the final part of stitching on the bindings of a quilt, it has always been one of my favorite parts... Let's hope I can get to do it soon.


The Calico Cat said...

I haven't tried it yet, but I have been told that if you put the baby in a sling that you can do hand work...

My sling/wrap is still in the package it came in. & I was going to be a "baby wearer."

The Calico Cat said...

I almost for got - HE IS BEAUTIFUL. (I just glanced over my beautiful boy is still sleeping.)

Unknown said...

Well the sheep farmer needs to get some sleep! Yes, I remember those days, the happiest now, but the most exhausting at the time.
I was usually asleep before the baby.
Have fun...tomorrow he will be in college! He really is very cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm hesitant to add to the loads of advice that you are probably already getting, but I will, because I wish, I wish, I wish someone had told me this when I was going through the same thing.

I now know that a very high percentage of cases of colic are actually cases of food allergies, and I would recommend that you talk to a health professional about eliminating some food from your diet (assuming you are breastfeeding).

My first child was terribly unsettled and screamed almost non-stop for four months until finally we discovered the reason - a dairy allergy. The paediatrician? "He's just a colicky baby". I could hit that man now for all the anger I feel that he didn't even take the time to listen to me and just suggest looking at my diet. It was so simple to fix and my baby changed completely once I removed all dairy from my diet. Those first few months could have been so very, very different.

I have just had baby number two (boy, did that take a while to muster up the courage!) and her paediatrician told me this time to definitely stay off peanuts, and if I suspected another allergy, start eliminating egg, then dairy.

So far she seems okay.

And also, we had no family history of food allergies, so it wasn't something I had thought about much.

I hope this helps. I wish that this information had been available to me.

Good luck!

Joanna said...

What a beautiful, beautiful boy!!! And the baby isn't too bad either ;) Really, baby is gorgeous - congrats to both of you. I hope things have improved a little and that you are both getting a little more sleep???!! It's tough at first, I know, but you will come through it, I promise!!

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