Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear Jane Inspired

I just thought I would post today about what I acquired on our trip at one of the quilt shops along the way. Actually, I didn't purchase much, but this book was the main thing I did purchase! Well, I did buy some templates as well... I don't know why I have been suddenly intrigued to start this quilt, but I like how so many people around the world are unitedly inspired to recreate this heirloom piece by Jane A. Stickle. It is so intricate and the blocks are so tiny (4.5 inches) that I think you can't help but improve your sewing skills by trying to recreate it. I had a go and made the first block A1 called Pinwheels Gone Awry. I want to work on this quilt slowly and maybe just do a block a week--we'll see.

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Nanette Merrill said...

You should join our group!

Its been so hard, but fun.

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