Monday, February 4, 2008

Borders Redone

Much Better! It's worthwhile to unpick when it makes you feel so much better afterwards. I'm thinking about sending off a few quilts to the longarmer, even though I really am waiting to get my own machine so I can do my own and other people as well. Hmmm... Maybe going through the process over here will be helpful for starting my own business. Does that sound like a good enough excuse? I'd like to send my 30's quilt and possibly another one as well, which means I better get a backing for it.


Anonymous said...

As always...Brilliant! I really love your work and your blog.

Idaho Quilter said...

I like your style and your blog. Stop by and see the antique quilt I just posted.

Laurie Ann said...

Love it! What size was your middle square and how wide were your strips? I am getting ready to make a flannel log cabin.

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