Sunday, January 6, 2008

Summer in The Country

Well, Summer in the City actually -- by Moda of course! I made this block today as I thought I should have a project while I wait for fabric to arrive to finish the 30's quilt... Yes, I probably could be working on UFO's but no I'm having too much fun doing this. I got this pattern out of the same book Nickel Quilts and plan to make this into a twin size. I can't remember where, but I found some charm squares of the Summer in the City for half off and I bought four at the time thinking I would sew them into simple squares with sashing. I bought this brown fabric Tiddley Winks by Moda to go as the sashing color. So, after studying the book yesterday I realized that 80 Charm squares and 3.5 yards background fabric was just enough to make the twin size if I shorten it just one row. So, there you go, much more interesting to make than just plain squares! I am finding that my piecing skills are slowly improving so I find myself wanting to work a bit more intricately than before. It's hard to believe that I just learned to sew three years ago last month! I don't know how I lived without sewing and being around fabric before!

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