Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I just thought I would post with a picture of my progress with my latest quilt project. I am really enjoying piecing again after a long run of other type of sewing. I think I am now back in the quilting groove for a little while at least.

I managed to finish about 30 blocks as pictured here, but I still have a long way to go yet. The plan is to make a queen size quilt which requires 113 blocks. I've also decided to use each fabric only once--so with only 80 different fats I decided to take advantage of those sales going on right now. I ordered Story Book V and some Kona Cottons in different colors so I will be able to make a few more thirties quilts. I like the fabrics for their softness, but I find that the quilts that use a solid color with them really makes them outstanding--they seem to need something to brighten them up. I had a look at Darlene Zimmerman's site to get some ideas of colors that I should order...

At the moment I have 50 more blocks in various stages of completion. I love to work a little bit on one step and then move on to another step so that I end up having blocks in all stages at once. I think it helps me take my time so that I don't rush through any one step just to finish it. Also, it helps me not to get too stiff from being in the same position for a period of time. Does anyone else do this or do you usually complete one step at a time?


Kay said...

Happy New Year-- Have you tried that block you're working on without sashing? It looks interesting that way; another pinwheel appears. Just a thought.

As for how you work on blocks--I jump from one thing to another manically; after all it's supposed to be fun, right?

floribunda said...

I have a very short attention span, so I tend to have several projects going simultaneously and/or hop around from one part of a project to another as you described. It's really rare for me to make more than 8 of any one block... so your set of more than 100 would kill me! I love the way they're looking, though.

Andrea said...

These are lovely blocks - simple yet gorgeous. I'm sure the finished quilt will be beautiful. I work a bit like you too - breaks up the boredom a bit if all the blocks are the same.

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