Saturday, September 8, 2007

Y-seams, Y-seams, Y-seams, UGGH!

All these Y-seams! It's taking me forever to sew these long strips together, but I'm about one-third of the way through it now. Next time I will either break the top triangles into two bits so I can sew them in straight strips or I will add triangles to the sides to make them into floating cube blocks. I will try to get through this project, though. I really want to finish some more UFO's as soon as I can.

The second picture here is of all the aprons I made hanging up on my balcony. Each one is reversible and all were a treat to make.


Joanna said...

Those tumbling blocks are beautiful - the brighter tops on them really stand out - such good choices! The Y-seams would be the perfect reason to hand-piece! I wrote a little more about it in my comment section after reading your comment.

Hey those aprons look so good hanging on the deck with the Aussie outback in the background!

Angie said...

Gorgeous tumbling blocks!! Those Y-seams (which I don't do LOL) may be a pain, but oh my, that's going to be such a beautiful quilt!! And your aprons---love, love, LOVE them!!! :D I do wish I could read patterns; I would try to make me one. :D

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful! I've always wanted to make a tumbling block quilt, but I'm just too chicken.

Faith said...

so pretty and gorgeous I love the colour choice yum yum yum

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