Sunday, December 31, 2006

The African Room

We are finally working on dressing up the computer/guest room. We hung these handmade raku tiles today. They are by Nancy Cannon, who is a Michigan based ceramic artist. You can find her at She is a really nice person and makes wonderful art tiles.

These tiles gave me the inspiration to make this room into an African themed room. My next project will be to make a curtain to cover the closet mirrors. There are huge mirrors on one side of the room which is the closet. Unfortunately they are there and NEED to be covered up. Who in the world ever thought it would a good idea to be in a small room with a gigantic mirror? You would have to be very vain to even tolerate it for a short time. So, I ordered some brown batik fabrics today to make a curtain. It will be exciting to see if I can make one that looks nice.

Well Happy New Year, we are breaking out the champagne tonight!

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