Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swoon Block Three

I have to tell you about how uneventful our Friday night was last night.  We live in such a rural area and at the same time live close enough to a road connecting two local towns that we notice nearly every car or vehicle that passes by.  Last night as my husband was coming home we saw a unmarked police car flying past our place with it's sirens blaring.  Over the next hour and a half we watched as one police car after another (11 total plus a paddy wagon) went roaring down the road.  Now what you need to understand is that the direction they were heading is basically a dead end--one tiny township and then mostly bushland beyond it. We couldn't figure out what would cause that many police cars to drive past and since my internet had dropped out last night, I couldn't even google it.  This morning I still hadn't figured it out until on a whim I looked up what had happened to the escaped convict from Goulburn.  Sure enough!  That was it!  Plus, the news article had read that he had reached the township (15k from us) and had escaped into the bush and was still at large.  Well, they caught him this afternoon.  Apparently he backtracked and headed back towards civilization (my general direction) but was caught in some old shearers huts that are part of a historic display in the township.  You see, there are advantages of living in a rural area--everyone knows everyone so the criminals do stand out!  Note to escaped convicts--head to the city where you have a chance to blend in!

I did some more swooning this afternoon.  I still do not have the fabric for block 4 and part of block 5 so I will skip to block 6 tonight and hope the fabric I am waiting for arrives on Monday.  I am keen to see how this quilt turns out!


Unknown said...

Great colours love the block!.
I will have to remember if I ever become an escaped convict, head to the town or city!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Love your swoon block!
What a story...makes me want to get up and lock all the doors!

Just Sew Sue said...

Love your swoon block. I need to cut out some more pieces to make block 2.

Mama Spark said...

What fabric are you still waiting for? Is your gray coal or charcoal? I must have missed that. I just might copy you!

Katy Cameron said...

Fab swoon block! I shall also take your tips on board in time for my next prison break out... :oD

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