Thursday, November 25, 2010

Green, Blue, Brown- 5" Charm Squares

I've been doing a bit more cutting! This group of 5 inch fabric charm squares are available in my Etsy store here or my Australian Ebay store here. There are some really nice fabrics in here from the best of my stash including Flea Market Fancy, Kei Kerchief Girls, Monaluna, Blossom by Urban Chiks and others. What you see here is what you get!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Unfortunately, this year we are in the middle of shearing and we weren't able to celebrate like we did last year. I did my best and bought a roast chicken with stuffing and ate it alone tonight. My husband won't be home until at least 10 or 11 tonight:( I'll be glad when this hectic time of the year is over and then we can have some more time as a family!

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