Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Octogon Quilt!!!

So, some people are stuck on making hexagon quilts, it seems that I am stuck on making octagon quilts. I have the template set to make this quilt and I love the way that it showcases fabrics, so I keep making it. Yesterday I finally started doing some quilting and was in the process of working on my red and aqua winding ways quilt when my walking foot broke:( How sad and how difficult for me to get replaced. I called the place where I bought my sewing machine and asked them how much to replace it and they replied 120$!!!! They asked me for pictures and when I bought the machine though. So, I sent that through to them and we'll see what they say. I am not expecting much from them though as so far I've had the worst customer service experience through them. What can I expect from Canberra though? If they didn't have a monopoly on selling Husqvarna machines, I definitely wouldn't have bought through them. Can you believe that when I bought the machine the lady only demonstrated the machine and did not let me sit down and sew on it? But, I do love my machine and have gotten a lot of use on it so far--so no regrets in buying the Viking Sapphire 870.

So, yesterday (night) I whipped up this baby quilt that I have been contemplating making for a while now. I dove into my most coveted and hoarded fabrics-- Heather Ross's... I picked my way through all the girly fabrics that I had from her and put it into this perfect cot/crib size quilt. I'm very excited to finally be using her fabrics in a quilt. I have sewn clothes with Heather Ross material, but have yet to make a quilt from her fabric. I decided I need to use my girl fabrics for a friend that is having a baby girl soon. No use in me hoarding anymore as I don't expect to have a girl now that number two is also to be a boy! Husband says two is our number--hmmm...ok... I really hope that my friend will like this quilt, I don't know if she is a Heather Ross fan or not, but how can one not be???? Ok, now to pin and (gulp) free motion quilt! I am a bit nervous about the free motion quilting on this lovely fabric, but excited too.


Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about your walking foot fiasco. How frustrating! But I am totally in love with your octagon quilt! It's fabulous!

Jennifer said...

I recently free motion quilted a mini-quilt with some of the same Heather Ross fabrics in it and wow, that fabric quilts wonderfully! I'm pretty sure you will love quilting with this fabric...

Jennifer :)

PS I love your octagons!

Melissa said...

I've got a Sapphire 870, too, and I love it. Sorry about your walking foot, though! Did it break from too much work? Have you considered ordering one from the States? I know there would be a delay, but I can't imagine a $30 (USD) foot costing you $120!! Gosh!
I hope you find a replacement, soon.
Your quilts are beautiful!

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