Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Not Much Quilting Going On

Can you see the exhaustion in this daddy's eyes? Happy, but exhausted. Well the mommy of this baby is very much in the same predicament. Little Alexander is suffering from colic and is trying to sort his poor little tummy out. But, we think he's cute so we've decided to keep him around.

Thank you for all the comments on the last post. I was overwhelmingly happy to hear a lot of mentions that I will get a chance to quilt again one day and that things will eventually get easier. I am enjoying him more and more with each and every day and he is not even a month old yet!

I have gotten two quilts back from the longarmer this last week and will post pictures as soon as I get them bound. It is so nice getting quilts back--like opening presents on Christmas day sort of feeling. I love the final part of stitching on the bindings of a quilt, it has always been one of my favorite parts... Let's hope I can get to do it soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to the World Alexander!

So, Alexander finally made his appearance to the world on January 28th after a long and wearisome labor and emergency c-section. All up we were in the hospital for 12 days and so happy to finally come home even though that was an adjustment as well. Mom and Dad can hardly believe how hard it is to care for little Alexander who demands lots of milk and stays awake for very long periods throughout the day. But, they think he is worth every bit of torture he is putting them through and only hope that it gets easier as time goes by. Mom is still wondering how humans have managed to do so well on this planet since these little creatures are so delicate and would make easy prey for large animals as well as vulnerable mums. How did we make it out of the cave dwelling days?

Mom has had no time to quilt anymore, but she is sending off tops to be quilted and will be happy to photograph and show them off when they come home again. It seems to be taking a long long time and mom is so looking forward to having some finished quilts for a change. Especially when the weather has changed from very very hot (over 40degrees) to needing to light a fire in the wood burning stove to make it warm enough for junior in the house. He has had some shocking weather to deal with so far.

We are thoughtful for all those involved in the terrible fires in Victoria. We are fortunate enough to be safe so far this year, the drought this spring may have saved us from any great fire hazards this year. Also helped that we did fire reduction burns during the winter (burned all our nice trees by accident, but a safe home is more important). Our thoughts are with those who have lost their homes and especially with those who lost their loved ones...

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