Friday, September 26, 2008

New Bags

Wow, here I am again after a long time of silence. Not for any particular reason other than that my head is so full from thoughts of being a new mom. The pregnancy has been going really well and I am feeling good! Today makes 23 weeks, so moving steadily along.

I have been sewing again now since I know the gender of the baby I am a lot more inspired. Still want to keep the sex a surprise for friends and family, but it might be hard. I really didn't have a preference, but it feels good to know. I am definitely someone who prefers to know rather than be surprised. For me, the best fun is the planning...

Here are a couple of photos of the diaper bags I finished recently. The top photo is one I made for a friend of mine who is also having a baby soon using Joel Dewberry's Damask line of fabric. The second photo is a bag I made for myself using the late Laurel Burch's mermaids fabric. I just love how the front pocket turned out with the mermaid with the long hair (mine is as long as hers) holding the baby. It will be fun to use.

My current projects are some teddy bears that I am sewing... I will post of photo soon! I also have plans to sew lots of onesies using natural bamboo fabric. I plan to make a lot of cutsie clothes using Heather Ross fabrics as well and hopefully a Heather Ross quilt too. I just ordered some of her Mendicino line. Can't wait to see it in person!!

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