Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lady of the Lake

I thought I would show you a picture of what I have been working on the last week and a half. I am not really sure if this is called Lady of the Lake since the triangles don't go all the way around the block, but this is quite close anyway. I decided to work on this project after convincing a woman in my local quilting group to do the same quilt with her blue and white fabrics. She was at a loss at to what design to do with her lovely fabrics and somehow I stuck my nose into it and convinced her on this design. So, I thought that since I had my own fabrics to do this project since August that this was a good chance to get started! I've been zipping along with my new machine and absolutely loving the speed with which I can now sew. And it is so much more accurate having a machine that can sew a quarter inch! How did I ever manage before?

My original inspiration for this project came from looking at a quilt sample in my hometown of Saline, Michigan! Probably the nicest lady ever and the mother of the quilt shop owner made a similar quilt to the one I am planning using these fabrics from Anna Griffin's Sigourney line. She used a plain muslin for the background color, but I am using fabrics from Apple Pie. I can't really bear muslin. If I am going to do all the work I want to know that the fabrics are going to stand up to wear and tear... I hope to post a picture of more progress soon as I want to finish this quilt before quilt group on Tuesday.

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Kay said...

I can't believe you're from Saline. I had my first teaching job there, long long ago, and more recently I've been back a couple of times as a vendor at the big craft show at the high school at Christmas time. Nice town.

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