Monday, September 3, 2007

Uptown Apron Finished

I've been working on making four aprons at the same time. I am planning to give them as gifts for people, so I thought I would just go crazy at it for a while. They are all reversible and here is the first one finished this morning. I think it looks very orange in these pictures, but in reality it looks much better. The fabric is by Erin Michaels Uptown for Moda.

Once I finish these aprons, I hope to work on finishing started quilt projects. I am in the mood for finishing projects!


chook said...

your apron is beautiful I cant wait to see what you get finished next
hugs Beth

Joanna said...

Really really nice - you need to go into business selling them! You know how these type of retro aprons are 'cool' now - you'd make a killing!

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