Tuesday, February 8, 2011


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So, January was a bit of a rough month with illnesses all around. My dad is visiting from the States for three months, but he brought a nasty bug along with him that he probably got on the plane trip. My c-section wound was re-infected (Oliver is almost 6 months now!) so that took me a while to get over as well:( No energy to do much sewing. Hopefully things are picking up again though and we will be back on track! It's has been great having my dad here to stay, though. It is his first time meeting his grandchildren.

I was inspired a couple days ago to try out sewing these boxes. I originally want to make a pencil box and was trying to figure out how to do it. I made several mistake ones until I figured out how it is done! Ha, now I am on a roll. I've already given a few away. My favorite is not pictured because I gave it away yesterday. I might make a few more yet! Just a tiny diversion from quilting...

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